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Is India good for medical treatment

India is good for medical treatment and considered one of the best places in the world to get medical treatments done. Cost of medical treatment for foreigners in India at the best hospitals in India will only cost a fraction of what it will cost in them in their own countries. The saying "First world medical care at third world prices" best describes the high standards of medical care in India Vs. the expenses for medical treatment in India for foreigners for surgery and medical care in India.

The price for surgery and medical care in India at the best hospitals is very cheap compared to USA or UK. The standard of Medical treatments and medical care in India and Indian hospitals are comparable, if not better, than those even in the most advanced countries. Patients from advanced countries like the USA and UK are rushing to India for medical treatment because of this. ‘Medical Tourism’ or 'Health Tourism' are newly coined phrases, which means patients going to another country for Medical Treatment due to either the high cost of medical treatments in their own country or due to the long wait to get treated in their home countries. .... More from our dedicated page on Indian hospitals and medical treatments in India.

Cost of surgery in India for non-nationals

We have a dedicated page which gives the average costs of surgery in India for foreigners in top Indian private hospitals. On this page we also give the name and web address of the top Indian private hospitals which have world class facilities at a price sometimes less than a tenth of what it would cost in advanced countries. Please visit our page on cost of surgery and medical treatment in India.

Good hospitals in India for tourists

There are many hospitals in India that allow tourists to get medical treatment in India. The top hospitals in India are at least as good as the best hospitals in USA and Europe. We have a list with contact details of some good hospitals in India for tourists.

It is not just the buildings that make good hospitals, but the doctors, the nurses, the medical instrument technicians and operators, and last but not least the hospital administrators. India produces a vast number of these hospital professionals like Nurses, medical instrument technicians and Hospital Administrators. More from our dedicated page on The best hospitals in India

Are doctors in India good

Before India became famous as the IT capital of the world, with its hordes of software engineers, India was better known for its highly qualified Indian Medical Doctors, Surgeons, Nurses and Medical Technicians. From the early 1960s there was an acute shortage of doctors, dentists and nurses in America, UK and Europe. Indian doctors, dentists and nurses were grabbed by these countries to work there. They soon came to be very well liked and respected for their friendly approach and their high skills. Thus Indian Doctors became world famous for their high skills and their friendly gentle manners.

Many of these doctors and surgeons have since returned to India after their admirable services in America, UK, Europe, etc. and set up in India very high tech, top class hospitals, equipped with the most modern medical gadgets. So the doctors in India are at least as good as those in America or any other country in the world. You may have noticed that when there are medical breakthroughs, many a times Indian doctors are part of the medical research team. ....More from our page on Indian Doctors and Hospitals

Indian specialist MD doctors are the best in the world

To get admission in Indian Medical Colleges, competitive exams are held and only the top ranking students get admission into the Medical colleges of India. Once they pass out of the 5 year basic bachelor degree in medicine, to get admission into a MD course, they have to undergo competitive exams again. So only the very best get admission to a Masters MD doctor courses. Thus any MD doctor in India is at least as good as the best doctors in the world. ....More

How good is ayurveda treatment in India

Ayurveda is an ancient medical science and Ayurvedic medicine is good for health. Ayurvedic treatment uses herbal medicines and Ayurvedic Massages to cure incurable diseases like Asthma, Allergies, Arthritis and Paralysis. There are even Ayurveda treatments to lose weight. Ayurvedic weight loss medicines are some of the fastest selling of Ayurvedia medicines in India. These medicines are just herbal medicines and not at all harmful. .... More from our page on Ayurvedic Indian Medicine

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