Prevent Corona Covid by Nose Breathing

There is a very simple humming breathing exercise, which is part of Yoga in India, which can prevent and even cure Coroana Covid 19. This breathing technique uses the Nitric Oxide produced in our own body, through the nose, which kills Corona Virus on contact. We have a few videos below which explains how you can prevent and cure corona. Please see them all to convince yourself.

First listen to Nobel Prize winner, the discoverer of Nitric Oxide health, saying that it can cure Covid

Nobel Laureate Dr. Louis Ignarro about Cure for Corona Virus

This video below was published on 9 Aug 2019 before anyone knew about Covid-19, but says it could be effective against flu and common colds. Now we know just doing a few minutes of humming will prevent us getting infected with Covid.

How Humming can help explained by a Doctor

Now listen to this doctor saying that there is a Yoga exercise which produces more than 15 times the Nitric Oxide by breathing through your nose and humming. This video was produced more than 2 years ago before anyone new about CoVid-19

Noted Doctor explaining about Humming and producing 15 times more Nitric Oxide

To get the benefits of humming you just need to do simple humming. But for those who want to know what the Ancient Sages of India practiced see the following videos.

How to do Yoga breathing exercise for Covid

Yoga had a cure for Covid for thousands of years. Only now Scientists discovering the benefits of humming. Yoga had this bumble bee humming exercise which kept our ancient Sages or Rishis healthy and to live long. See a demo of the actual BHRAMARI PRANAYAMA below

The full classical way to do the ancient Yoga Humming

The famous movie "The Wolf of Wall Street” about stockbrokers, has a scene with chest thumping and humming as shown in the video below. I think this is a great thing to do during these Covid times. Even if you don’t believe in humming to prevent Covid, there is no harm in trying it – you don’t lose a thing, but you may be saved from this nasty pandemic.

Some research by me suggests that similar chest thumping was practiced by ancient Red Indians and many tribes all over the world. These ancient civilisations must have realised that humming kept their lungs and airways clear and healthy. The chest thumping is sure to increase the low frequency vibrations required for our nasal cavities to produce more NO.

Chest thumping with Humming sure to save you from Covid

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