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Best North Indian foods names, North Indian foods list with pictures

What is North Indian food like? We have a North Indian foods list with pictures of North Indian food below to give you an idea of what North Indian food is like. The best of North Indian foods names and pictures of the most famous North Indian dishes with a description are shown below.

Indian Thandoori Chicken Dish

Thandoori Chicken

Thandoori Chicken:

Thandoori Chicken are made by grilling marinated chicken pieces in a Thandoor. The marinate is a mixture of yogurt and thandoori masala spices. The Thandoor is like a large clay pot with burning embers of charcoal at the bottom. The chicken pieces are grilled on the inside walls of the thandoor.

Popular Indian bread Naan

Indian bread Naan

Indian flat breads Naan and Chapatis:

Naan and Chapatis are the common Indian flat breads eaten with sabji - a vegatable dish or a meat dish like Rogan Josh. Naan is made with white wheat flour and grilled in a thandoor (clay oven). Chappati is made with whole meal wheat flour and cooked on a tava (rimless sauce-pan)

Indian Biriyani

Indian Biriyani

Indian Biriyani:

Biryani (Biriyani or Byriani) is a flavored rice dish cooked with meat, fragrant spices, rice and many other ingredients. The North Indian Biriyani may be the original Mughal version. They are very tasty and should be tried.

Dhokla, Popular Gujrathi dish



Dhokla is a Gujarati snack made by steaming on a flat dish, a fermented and specially spiced batter of chickpeas. It is then cut into pieces and served with a green minty chutney. Some times Dhoklas pieces are fried and served.

North Indian Samosas

North Indian Samosas

North Indian Samosas:

Samosas are triangular shaped fried, stuffed pastry. The filling is usually spiced potatoes and served with a green minty chutney. In South India a smaller and crispier somoosa with meat or vegetable filling is common. Samoosas are the most common street stall snack.

Paani Poori

Paani Poori

Pani Puri:

Panipuri is a common snack in India and consists of a small (to fit the mouth) ball shaped hollow 'puri' - deep fried tiny flattened dough. Just before eating the puri is broken and a filled with potato, onion, masala, etc. and a tamarind extract. No explanation can do it justice, it must be tried.

Popular Indian barbecue 'Kabab'

Kabab Indian barbecue

Kabab Indian barbecue:

Street side barbecue over real wood charcoal is one of the favourite street foods in India..

Mutton Rogan Josh

Mutton Rogan Josh

Mutton Rogan Josh:

Rogan Josh is a gravied meat dish, fiery red colored, but not too spicy. Goes well with Naan or Chappatis. The dish is cooked with the Kashmiri Chilies which are bright red but not burning hot like other chilies.

Popular North Indian Thali

North Indian Tali

North Indian Thali:

North Indian Thali is one of the most common lunch people in North India have. It is usually served in a large stainless steel plate inside which on the edge is placed many small dishes with various vegerian curries. In the centere chappatis are placed. The server or waiter in the restaurent is usually on hand to refill the small dishes and serve hot chappatis.

Deep Fried Pakora snacks

Deep Fried Pakoras

Pakora snacks:

Pakora is a snack made by deep frying special chickpea batter coated ingredients like eggplant, onions, potatoes, cauliflower, chilies and paneer (type of cheese) . Sometimes meat is also used.

What food is eaten in North India

North Indian food generally is less spicier than South Indian Food. In North India you get a lot of grilled foods like Thandoori chickens and Chicken Tikka. North Indian food is an evolution of traditional Indian spicy foods mixed with the recipes of the invading forces in ancient times. Alexander the Great of Greece was one of the first of those invaders who came to India through the Khyber Pass of the Himalayan Mountain range. He was followed by Genghis Khan from Mongolia and then followed by the Muslim invaders, the Mughals. So North Indian food is an evolution of the different cooking practices of the invading forces combined with cooking of the native population of North India

The most famous of the North Indian Foods are made in the traditional Thandoor ovens, and thandoor food is relished all over the world. The North Indian Tandoori oven is a tall clay pot where charcoal is burnt at the bottom of the pot and the food is cooked or grilled over open fire with the hot gasses of the charcoal to give tandoori food that special taste, famous all over the world.

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