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How good are hospitals in India

"First world medical care at third world prices": This slogan, best explains why patients from advanced countries like the USA and UK go to India for medical treatment without insurance. Medical treatment in India is cheap compared to other countries and the standard of the Indian doctors and hospitals being very good, now India is the best destination for medical treatment in the world. With so many foreign patients rushing to India, new slogans like ‘India Medical Tourism’ and 'India Health Tourism' have emerged.

Advantage of medical treatments in India are that treatment is carried out in Indian hospitals with latest medical equipment and with the best doctors with more hands on experience than anywhere else in the world - See our page on why Indian doctors are the best in the world. Other big advantage in India is that English is widely spoken in India and everybody in a good hospital will speak good English and there will be no problem of communication like in some other destinations for medical tourism.

The top hospitals in India are at least as good as the best hospitals in USA and Europe. Top Indian hospitals which cater to medical care of foreigners in India have the best doctors and nursing care. These top hospitals for treating foreign patents in India are also equipped with the very latest medical instruments and diagnostic tools. Getting admitted in Indian hospitals is easy and can be done online.

With Indian medical care you get the best medical treatment with some of the best specialist doctors in the world at a price that is a fraction of what it will cost in the USA or UK. Nursing care will be superb with efficient English speaking nurses.

Health Tourism India, medical treatments in India for tourists

'Health Tourism' means patients going to another country for Medical Treatment. They go to India because cost of Medical Treatment in India is much cheaper and being looked after by world class Indian doctors and nursing staff. The word ‘Tourism’ was added to the phrase because, people were going to these exotic places for their medical treatments and thought why not have holiday during this visit and also do some sightseeing. Medical Tourism and Health Tourism to Hospitals in India are a growing phenomenon.

The main advantage of getting medical treatment in India cheaper than in advanced countries. Advantages of medical treatments in India are that treatment is carried out in Indian hospitals with latest medical equipment and with the best doctors in the world. Other advantage of India is that English is sort of a National Language. Because India has so many languages, and because India was an English Colony for over a century, Indians themselves, from different regions of India, has to communicate with each other in English in order to understand each other.

Indian visas are very easy to get, especially if you need medical treatment in India, because the government of India's policies are to encourage foreign patients to visit India for treatment, because it brings in valuable foreign exchange in the form of Dollars, Pounds, Euros, Yen, etc.

Waiting period or Queue to get treated in Indian hospitals

In India, you can get medical treatment and surgeries done almost immediately on arrival in the top Indian private hospitals. For Indians the private hospital costs are expensive when compared with the subsidized Government hospitals, but to a foreigner, the treatment costs in top Indian private hospitals are only a fraction, sometimes less than one tenth, of what it would cost them in their own countries. The standard of surgeries in India is top class even rivalling those from the most expensive hospitals in USA.

For Medical Procedures which are not covered by Insurance, like Dental treatment and Plastic Surgery or Cosmetic Surgeries are very low in comparison, up to one tenth or even cheaper, than what it will cost them back home in the US, UK or Europe. India has become so popular in USA and UK, that health insurance companies are considering or already offering reduced rate insurance policies if you opt for treatment in India for major diseases and surgeries. These policies cover you for all expenses for medical treatment in India, which is including medical, travel, food and hotel expenses.

Medical Travel Companies packages tours to India for medical treatment

Many Medical Travel companies in USA, UK, Australia, etc. have packages tours to India for medical treatment which offering a lump sum price for medical treatment, hospital bills, travel and a holiday tour in India with all charges including hotel accommodation. The packages offered by them are very attractive and includes, not only all costs like medical, travel, food and hotel expenses, but also includes tour packages to see for example the Taj Mahal, or a tour of Rajasthan on the luxury maharaja express or a visit down to Kerala, called a paradise on earth by none other than the National Geographic Magazine. Apart from the regular medical treatments, India also offers cures and relaxation equivalent to physiotherapy in the form of Ayurveda massages and yoga.

India is now leading destination of choice for a wide range of medical treatments, like

  • Plastic Surgery
  • Cosmetic Surgery
  • Heart Surgery
  • LASIK - laser eye operation for vision correction
  • Gastric Bypass Surgery
  • Dental Treatment
  • Complete Health Medical Check-up
  • Cosmetic Surgery – Breast enlargement, reduction, uplift, etc.
  • All types of surgeries including plastic surgery
  • Organ transplant
  • Knee/Hip Replacement
  • Fertility-Pregnancy Treatment for infertile parents wanting kids
  • Alternative medical sciences, like ayurveda in India.

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