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Top specialist hospitals in India

The best specialist hospitals in India are world class and as good as, or even better than some of the best the best hospitals in USA and Europe. It is not just the buildings that make good hospitals, but the doctors, the nurses, the medical instrument technicians and operators, and last but not least the hospital administrators.

The good hospitals in India all have the very latest medical instruments and diagnostic tools. For modern diagnostic equipment you need trained technicians and there is no lack of highly trained medical technicians in India. India produces a vast number of professionals in all medical fields like Doctors, Nurses, medical instrument technicians and Hospital Administrators. There are many good colleges in India turning out these professionals and only the best get jobs in the leading hospitals of India.

Best JCI hospitals in India

We have a table here list of top ten hospitals in India with JCI acreditation

Best JCI hospitals in India
PositionHospital NameLocationWebsite
1AIMS - All India Institute of Medical
5Christian Medical
6Post Graduate
7TATA Memorial

Why JCI accredited hospitals in India

When selecting an hospital in India, you should do research and select JCI accredited hospitals in India. JCI – Joint Commission International- accreditation is the world’s best known US accreditation agency giving their seal of approval only to Hospitals which meets the highest US quality standards set by them. Accreditation of hospitals in India by JCI is carried out by the JCI staff from USA and such hospitals will be of the very highest standards, even better than US hospitals with JCI accreditation.

Many top hospitals in India do not opt for JCI accreditation of hospitals in India because accreditation is not compulsory and secondly because they have such a high reputation already, that they do not bother about this accreditation.

Ayurveda medicine in India

Ayurveda is the 5000 year old treatment system. This has some good remedies for diseases which modern medicine still has no answer for – like Asthma, Allergies, Arthritis, Paralysis of limbs, etc. The Ayurveda system of medical treatments are based on natural herbal medications and massages with medicated oils by specialist masseurs. Kerala is the leading state in India for Ayurveda practice. Please visit our dedicated page on Ayurveda Treatments.

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