Tips for travel to India on vacation or for medical treatment

The aim of this website is to introduce India as one of the worlds best vacation place and to point out where are the best places to holiday in India. We have detailed descriptions of the most famous and popular holiday destinations in India for all kinds of holiday makers, whether it is just for a relaxing weekend for the business traveller in India or for those looking for the best places for family vacation in India. So on browsing through the pages on this website, answers to questions like Where to holiday in India? or the best place to enjoy in India? or the most relaxing vacation spots in India? are easy to come by. Apart from being one of the best holiday spot in the world, India is now emerging as one of the best country for medical treatment. We have dedicated pages on the best hospitals in India to get medical treatment.

Why is India a good holiday destination

India is brimming with history and there are so many historical places in India. Also there are many places with natural beauty and great climate to relax in India. The holiday choices in India are many, holiday makers in India can choose to go to the big cities like Delhi and take a tour on the special tourist trains in India like the luxury Maharaja Express which tours Agra to see the Taj Mahal and the desert Kingdom of Rajasthan, or visit the commercial capital of India, Mumbai (Bombay). Other places to visit in India are Kolkata or Calcutta in Eastern India and from there visit the evergreen tourist spots in North East India, like for example the tourist places to see in Arunachal Pradesh. Or visit South India to places like Chennai (Madras) or Bangalore or Goa, the land of great beaches with all night parties. If they want to be in a paradise like land with great natural beauty and to unwind and relax with Ayurvedic massages and medicines, then go to Kerala, described by National Geographic Magazine as “one of the ten Paradises on Earth”. If you just want a quite holiday in a cool mountain resort, then the best hill stations in India are described on our page cool places in India for a holiday. Many Buddhists come to India to make a pilgrimage of Buddhism holy sites in India including the place where Buddha attained Nirvana in Bodh Gaya. We have a special page on the Buddhist pilgrimage train, the Mahaparinirvan Buddhist Train.

India is best place in the world for Medical Treatment

First world medical care at third world prices best describes surgery and medical treatment in India. Cost of surgery and medical care in India at the best hospitals is very cheap compared to USA or UK. The standard of Medical treatments and medical care in India is as good as, if not better, than those in the most advanced countries of the world. Patients from USA, UK, Europe and other advanced countries are rushing to India for medical treatment. ‘Medical Tourism’ or 'Health Tourism' are newly coined phrases, which means patients going to another country for Medical Treatment due to either the high cost of medical treatments in their own country or due to the long wait to get treated in their home countries. Most of the Medical tourists make use of specialist Medical Travel Companies in USA, UK and in almost all advanced countries of the world. .... More from our dedicated page on health care and medical treatments in India.

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