Jesus lived and died in India? Jesus is buried in Kashmir, India?

There is a theory, which many scholars believe to be true, is that Jesus did not die of crucifixion in Jerusalem, but that he survived and travelled to India and died in India a old man. There is also a tomb in Kashmir, India, which they claim is that of Jesus.

The theory goes that Jesus traveled to India on land through Turkey and Iran to India with his mother.

This theory also says that Jesus, during childhood, between the age of 12 and 30, was in India in the Buddhist monasteries near Kashmir. They say this is the period in Jesus's life, between the age of 12 and 30, where there is no mention at all in the Holy Bible.

Whatever the truth behind all this, there is a well preserved small tomb in Kashmir, in the old town area of Srinagar, called 'Khanyar Rozabal'. The locals assume the grave to be that of a Holy man called Issa Yuz Asaph. But many historians say that this is the grave of Jesus in India. One of the evidence they put forward is that the grave, supposedly of Jesus, is in the East West direction and that this is the orientation for a Jewish burial. Many other arguments are put forward by those who claim that this is the true burial place of Jesus in India. There is a documentary video released by the Government of India about Roz Bal, is it the tomb of Jesus in India? Please watch the video which is below.

There are many news article about this supposed Jesus Grave in India in Kashmir. See the following articles:
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Below is an official video documentary released by Government of India titled 'Jesus lived and died in India'.

Video: Jesus lived and died in India - Documentry

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